Telephone Advice Service

Use our special telephone advice service for tenants (also suitable for guarantors, lodgers/licensors and general property issues).  

This costs £115 and will get you up to 30 minutes with a specialist landlord & tenant solicitor.

Note that our service only deals with issues in England and Wales UK.

To process of applying for telephone advice is as follows:

Before you start

Click here to read our Article on ‘Getting the Best from your Solicitors Advice Call’.

  • Read and agree our terms and conditions

    Follow the link below. You will then need to click the link at the bottom of the page, after which you will be taken to.

  • Select your solicitor

    This page has links to information pages about the solicitors’ firms taking part in this service and links to the payment page.

  • Make your payment

    Payment must be made via our onsite payments system - you can pay either by card or pay pal. Once you have made payment you will then be re-directed to.

  • The instruction form

    Here you will need to provide your details and tell the solicitor about the problem you want to discuss.  You can also upload up to three documents for the solicitor to read before your call takes place.  Note that you MUST complete and send the instruction form otherwise nothing will happen.  It will be sent automatically to your chosen solicitors firm.

  • Once you have made payment and completed the form

    someone from the solicitors firm you have selected will be in touch with you, normally within two business days, to arrange for your advice. The advice call to take place (where possible) within five business days of receipt of your instruction form.

The fee for this service is £115 payable in advance.

When you need specialist housing expertise at an affordable price, the RentersGuide service gives you time with a specialist solicitor who takes the trouble to get under the skin of your case and address your specific concerns thoroughly and professionally. I am happy to recommend the service to any tenant who needs help or advice.