Telephone Advice Service

Notes for Solicitors

The Renters Guide telephone advice service is a quick and easy way for members of the public to obtain 30 minutes telephone advice from a landlord & tenant solicitor.

  • Note that the fee paid to participating solicitors is £85 + VAT (£102) per advice call (for all services), payable on receipt of invoice – the difference goes towards our admin costs.
  • Firms invoice the Renters Guide  Ltd – we are your client acting as agent for the person wanting advice.
Tenant telephone advice

The service works as follows:

  • The client selects the advice service they require and the solicitors firm they wish to use
  • They pay the fee online
  • They are then re-directed back to an information form where they give details of the problem they require advice on
  • The form allows them to upload 3 documents.  If they wish to provide more documents they should discuss this with the solicitors involved
  • The instruction form is sent automatically to the solicitors firm (to the email address agreed) upon submission by the client
  • It is essential that solicitors firms monitor this email daily so no advice forms are missed
  • Upon receipt of the form, the solicitors firm must contact the client within 2 working days to arrange a date and time for the advice call
  • Unless agreed otherwise with the client (and unless they fail to click the box to waive their distance selling rights) the advice to be provided within 5 working days of receipt of the information form
  • The advice MUST be provided by a solicitor with a current practising certificate
  • The telephone advice service and the fee paid does not include any written confirmation of the oral advice provided to the client – although the solicitor can voluntarily provide a follow up email if they wish.
  • However solicitors are advised to keep a written record of the advice given for their own purposes
  • Once the advice has been given, an invoice for the fixed fee of £85 + VAT must be sent to zzz within 5 working days.  You should invoice xxx at yyy – if you are VAT registered can this be a VAT invoice.
  • This will be paid within 5 working days of receipt.
  • Any further work carried out for the client outside of the telephone advice service, will be between the client and the firm concerned and will not involve The Renters Guide in any way.

Solicitors must:

  • Agree to deal with the service as set out on this page
  • Provide the text, firm logo and any images to go on their information page
  • Keep their page under review and let us know if any amendments are needed.
  • Monitor the email address used for instruction forms daily so no instruction forms are missed
  • Let us know promptly if there is a conflict of interest so we can advise the client accordingly and arrange for the work to be transferred to another firm or their fee refunded
  • Ensure that only solicitors with a current practising certificate provide the advice
  • Arrange for their invoice to be submitted promptly to us for the standard fee.

Suggestions for your Information Page

This needs to inform potential clients about your services – things you could include:

  • Details of your expertise in landlord & tenant law work, and
  • Specific services you offer
  • Information about individual solicitors maybe with a picture
  • Information about any books published by your solicitors or other relevant achievements
  • Any awards you may have received for this work along with any kitemarks your firm may have
  • Some testimonials from happy clients

Take a look at some information pages:

Further notes

It would be appreciated if solicitors could provide feedback from time to time on how the service is working for them and whether any of the advice calls have resulted in further work.

If you have any other fixed fee services relevant to tenants, which you would like to offer through The Renters Guide, let us know.