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I’ve been sent a Section 21 Notice. What should I do?

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A section 21 notice is the first stage in the rather long process landlords need to follow to recover possession of your home.

However it is just that, it is a notice. It cannot actually end your tenancy and you do not have to move out.  In fact, you should NOT move out (not immediately anyway).  Particularly if you are looking to be rehoused by the Council as this could invalidate any rights you may have.

You are legally entitled to remain living in your property until your landlord has obtained a possession order through the courts and has arranged for a bailiffs appointment.  If your landlord tells you anything else this is harassment which is illegal.

What you should do is check the notice out.  Many landlords make mistakes when drafting up section 21 notices, or fail to comply with important rules and regulations meaning that any section 21 notice served will be invalid.

The best thing to do is take the notice to a housing adviser and get them to check whether it is valid or not.  You will also find the rules landlords need to comply with listed in our article below on dealing with possession claims.

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