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The Renters Guide is now live!

Well, it is quite some time since I did my first post here back in February.   Explaining that we were developing a new, largely free, information website for tenants and other renters.

Since then Harriet, Gill and I have been working away at the site, adding content and getting it ready for launch.

So  as at now, we have:

  • 98 questions answered
  • 26 free articles, and
  • A number of paid-for articles and guides (as we have to make a bit of money somehow to keep the site going!)

Which should be enough to be getting on with.

A site with two halves

You may have noticed that the site is in two halves:

  • Private, and
  • Social

We are starting with just the Private part of the site going live.  This looks at private renting.

The law relating to social tenancies (such as Council housing or housing provided by Housing Associations) is a bit different which is why it will go in a separate section.

However, we felt that the need for guidance for private sector landlords was more important – which is why we decided to start with this.  The social sector will be developed and launched later.


The questions on the site are free but to read the articles and buy a guide you need to be a ‘member’. 

This is totally free though and will give you other benefits such as a discount coupon and the ability to bookmark pages.

Telephone Advice

We are also pleased to offer a paid-for telephone advice service with a specialist housing solicitor.

This costs £115 for a 30-minute advice call and you can read all about it here.  (If you are a housing solicitor and would like to join our panel – get in touch).

What next?

I am sure that although 98 answered questions is a lot, there are plenty of other questions that tenants will want answering so we will be loading them up.

If you find that YOUR question is not answered, let us know via this form.

We also have a few other ideas!  So watch this space!

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