Is your landlord refusing to allow you to keep a pet?


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The problem with pets

Traditionally landlords have in most cases refused to allow tenants to keep pets. 

However, more and more tenants want to keep pets – particularly after the pandemic when many people were forced to isolate on their own during lockdowns.

There seems to be a perception among some tenants that the law has been changed to allow tenants to keep a pet but this is actually not true.  Landlords can still prohibit pets so long as they draft their tenancy agreement clauses properly.

Our FREE ARTICLE on pets in rented properties explains this and also explains what landlords can and can’t do.

Although many tenants are angry that their landlord won’t allow pets, from the landlords’ point of view this is understandable as pets (particularly cats and dogs) can cause hundreds, and sometimes thousands of pounds worth of damage to their property.

Help for tenants

So if you want to keep a pet in YOUR rented property, you need to persuade your landlord to permit this.

It is normally best to do this in writing so you can prove later what was agreed.  Meaning that you should send a letter to your landlord (or his letting agents).

Many tenants find letter writing difficult.  In most cases you will be sending your request by email, you still need to word your email carefully.

In order to help, we have a special product on the Renters Guide – a letter you can use along with detailed guidance on the things you need to check and do.

We can’t guarantee that it will persuade your landlord in all cases, but it will certainly help.   

The letter costs just £7 (although when you sign up to our site you will get a discount coupon, so it will actually cost you a lot less!) and you can buy it online via the button below:

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