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Help and guidance for tenants and renters who are being evicted by their landlord

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All tenants dread being evicted by their landlord and the arrival of imposing and official looking paperwork will send most tenants and renters into panic mode.

However, what is often not realised is that:

  • You don’t have to move out immediately (in fact you SHOULDN’T move out immediately)
  • The document you have received may be just a notice rather than Court Eviction paperwork
  • Your landlord may have made a mistake rendering his claim useless, and
  • Even if the landlords claim is 100% correct – you are legally entitled to stay in the property until an order is made and bailiffs have been employed to evict you.

So if you get paperwork which talks about eviction or possession claims – you need to consider it calmly and carefully and ideally take legal advice.

To help tenants / renters

We have a detailed step by step guide on the Renters Guide which takes you through the paperwork (with pictures) and explains what they are and what you need to do.

So once you have read this and compared it with the paperwork YOU have received, you will in most cases

  • Have a good idea as to whether you will have a defence to the landlord’s claim (in which case you should get legal advice immediately), 
  • Be better prepared to discuss your case with your adviser when you see them, and
  • Know what paperwork you will need to show them

If you don’t have any defence to your landlord’s claim

Then you will eventually have to move out.  But if your landlords claim has just started you will have several months to find somewhere else to live.

Our guide on Local Authority re-housing may help.

Click the button below for our help article:

Note that the article and indeed all content on the Renters Guide only applies to tenants and renters in England and Wales UK.

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