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Harriet Thomas

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My name is Harriet and I am a qualified solicitor specialising in Landlord and Tenant Law, mainly advising from a tenant’s perspective. This is my first attempt at blog writing, so please bear with me.
Considering what I do for a living, you would think that I had a lot to say. I do have a lot to say…about housing! I’ve filled my head with nothing but housing since 2006. LOL!
I am exaggerating, of course, but I am looking forward to filling our web pages with the knowledge I have acquired over the last 15 years.
How did this all happen? 
Well…. I have always wanted to create a knowledge-based online platform for tenants so that they are aware of their rights. Shelter has done an AWESOME job, for practitioners. I thought it would be great for us to do something for non lawyers who need a quick and non-technical answer to an acute question.
I will save our ‘how did Tessa and I meet?’ story for another time, I recognised that she was a BRILLIANT writer and much more experienced than I am. We decided to partner up. She brings her great writing skills and astute business acumen, thus far, we have made a winning team.
I have turned my hand to a little writing myself. This blog post, for starters, and a couple of the articles relating to benefit entitlements and financial assistance.
Our fantastic Site Developer, Gill Bishop has also taken me through two comprehensive training sessions, which I found really helpful in learning to navigate my way around the backend of the Site. I am picking this up slowly. Thankfully, Tessa has been updating websites for 20 years and so has the jump on me.
Our vision is to have two sides to the Site; social tenants and private tenants. You will find that there are more differences than similarities between the two statuses. We are leading with the private tenant aspect as this would be more the sustainable side. It is also likely that I will be writing for that side more and so holding back a little allows me to learn from Tessa’s penmanship, and it allows for you to ask questions. You will be both my inspiration and my motivation.
So! Here we go! Ask away! Hopefully, you will  find all that you need to know was a tenant, within the pages of our Site.
Happy Hunting!

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