Do you have a problem about your tenancy? Would you like to speak to a solicitor?

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Sometimes you will have a problem you want answering.  Maybe it is about the condition of your property.  Perhaps your landlord is doing something you think may be illegal.

You can find out quite a lot from searching the net (including on Renters Guide!) but none of this is specifically about YOUR problem.

What you really want is to talk to someone about it.  Someone who knows – ideally a specialist housing lawyer.  But how can you find one? 

When looking for advice from a solicitor, it is important to choose a solicitor who actually knows the area of law you want advice on (and who will not charge you for their time looking it up!).

So the solicitor you used for your divorce or house purchase or personal injury claim will not really be suitable.  How can you find someone?

The Renters Guide Telephone Advice Service

This is why we set up the telephone advice service.  All the solicitors on our panel are experienced in housing law and will be able to advise you properly.

Also – as you pay upfront, they will be happy to speak to you.

Whereas if you just ring the firm yourself, you are unlikely to get to speak to the specialist solicitor – as you have not paid anything.  

Our service works as follows:

  • You accept our t&c (which are written in plain English so are easy to read)
  • You select the solicitor or solicitors firm from our panel
  • You pay the fee – £115
  • You complete our form – so the solicitors know what your problem is and can do a bit of research in advance, and
  • The solicitors then contact you to arrange a time for your call to take place.

We also have a special article you can read here which explains how you can get the best value for your call.

And that’s it!

The fee of £115 may sound quite a lot to you but decent solicitors do not come cheap.  And using our process is also hassle-free.  Saving you a lot of the problems you may have finding a suitable firm and then getting to speak to the right solicitor.

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