Check Your Occupation Type

Why this is necessary

The law relating to landlords and tenants is complex. One of the reasons for this is that different rules apply depending on what type of tenancy you have – or indeed if you have a tenancy at all!

So before you can find out the answer to your problem, you need to know what sort of occupation type YOU have.

To help you we have developed this step by step guide (or ‘trail’) which will help you find out by a series of questions and answers.

Now you may have noticed that at the top of this site is a coloured bar – which can be either orange or dark blue.

This is there because this site is actually divided into two halves – one with advice for renters in the private rented sector and one with advice for renters in the social rented sector.

So before we go any further – we need to work out which half of the site you need to  be in.  

Click the start button below now to find out.