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The Renters Guide is all about questions.  You search for a question in the big box and then read the answer.

But what if your question is not there?

Well, we have a special form for that.  You will find it at the bottom of the dropdown list of questions you will find when you search (and via the button below this post).

Put your question on the form and send it off.  Provided it is a one-sentence question and not too complex, we will in most cases do an answer.

For example in the past few days I have answered the following questions:

Follow the links to read my answers.

But what about YOUR question? 

If you are a tenant or other renter and have a burning question you want to ask, pop it on our feedback form and tell us.

Provided it is fairly short and snappy, and provided it is not already answered elsewhere on the site, (and always provided that we know the answer – or indeed that there is a proper answer) we will in most cases write an answer for you and pop it on the site.

But do a search to check that we have not already answered it first! 

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